Original Storyteller Story by: Erik Herrera and Jose Jimenez Jr
(c) 2011 by Erik Herrera and Jose Jimenez Jr "J-vibe"

Domenic Walker was once the number one horror writer in the world. His career was great until his books and movies started to flop. His friends and the media, especially a movie critic by the name of Henry Torres, bashed him constantly on his radio show. Domenic's divorce didn't make things any better. He was being sued for millions by his soon to be ex-wife Alicia. The only two people left that supported Domenic was Professor Khalun and his agent Eric. Domenic's fascination for the supernatural powers of ancient artifacts worried his professor. Eric tried to get Domenic back on his feet several times with little success. Over emotional and stressed, Domenic's life took a dive. Drinking and depression took its toll. Domenic wanted revenge and to recover his once lost fame. He was in no position to accomplish this, but he wondered about the legend of the supernatural powers held by a medallion recently discovered by his professor in Spain. Could it be true? Could something from the ancient time be used to strike down on those who destroyed his career? What if it was only a myth? According to the legend, the power could only be unleashed upon committing suicide. Domenic is losing his mind, but what he could unleash could give him power beyond understanding. Was he part of a more evil plan all along? What evils from the past were playing with his future? He wants revenge and everything comes with a price.